Critics slam brewery’s Dallas Blonde beer for promoting ‘rape culture’

The commentary came down hard on Deep Ellum Brewing Co., whose packaging for its Dallas Blonde beer features a doll wearing a blond wig and has the tagline that it ‘goes down easy.’ 

A Texas brewery has sparked outrage with an advertisement for its Dallas Blonde beer, which it says “goes down easy.”

Deep Ellum Brewing Co. is under fire for its controversial promo campaign to mark the alcoholic brew’s first birthday.

Critics say bosses are relying on “rape culture,” with the catchphrase and logo of a doll wearing a blond wig to sell the product.

Genevieve Cato wrote on political blog Burnt Orange Report blog that the “lazy use of this well-worn sexist comparison of women to alcohol is disappointing and insulting.”

“You need to look no further than the comments on their Facebook picture to see the way advertising like this fuels the acceptability of rape culture in our society,” she added.

One blogger said Deep Ellum Brewing Co. was relying on ‘rape culture’ to sell Dallas Blonde beer.Deep Ellum Brewing Company via FacebookOne blogger said Deep Ellum Brewing Co. was relying on ‘rape culture’ to sell Dallas Blonde beer.

“It is completely unacceptable, and unnecessary, for breweries to continue to use this kind of language to sell their products,” she ended.

Brewery owner John Reardon confessed to the Dallas Observer that there had been some negative responses to the campaign.

But he denied claims his firm was promoting “rape culture.”

“We knew the play on words there. (But) we’re not saying that all blonds go down easy,” he said.

“If there are women out there who are offended, then we should apologize,” he added.

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