Dallas Blonde beer slogan ‘goes down easy’ causes outrage

October 23, 2013 10:15 am

dallas blonde ale 640x278 Dallas Blonde beer slogan goes down easy causes outrage


A Texas brewer is in hot wort over a using the phase, “goes down easy,” to market their beer named Dallas Blonde. Deep Ellum Brewing Company now faces the wrath of angry people with keyboards who immediately link the phrase “goes down easy” with rape culture.

Dallas Blonde Can 170x214 Dallas Blonde beer slogan goes down easy causes outrage


Is it suggestive? Certainly. Does it bump up against the edge of sensibility? Probably. Does it support or promote rape culture? No.

The same people who are outraged over using the phrase “goes down easy” to market a beer named Dallas Blonde are the same ones who will take to the internet to complain about guys slut shaming. In this case, it’s they who are doing the slut shaming. Who says going down easy is a negative? I certainly didn’t. If a woman wants to please a case of people every week, that’s her own prerogative. Pointing out a fact does not promote rape culture.

Nowhere on this label or in the marketing does it suggest that you should expect a woman to go down easy if you drink Dallas Blonde. It doesn’t say a woman will go down easy if she drinks Dallas Blonde either. It simply says that this one particular Dallas Blonde goes down easy. That is after all the entire point of a session beer.

This creeper van, on the other hand, might be pushing it…

Dallas Blonde Goes Down Easy Van 640x360 Dallas Blonde beer slogan goes down easy causes outrage


Via FoxNews with a tip of the jimmy hat to Ryan D.

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