Day 5: Dogs

This is the fifth day in a series of “20 days of Korea” to commemorate our last 20 days in the Land of the Morning Calm.

Dogs have obviously been a HUGE part of Matt and my life since we adopted Pax almost 1 year ago (actually, his “gotcha!” day is the day we fly home!). When we set foot at the shelter in Asan and saw the appalling conditions, sad puppy eyes, raw chicken bones and empty water bowls, we knew we weren’t just going to walk away with a dog and never look back.

While dogs might not be a big part of other’s experience here, they are for us, which is why we chose “dogs” as one of our “20 days of Korea”.

This is a tribute to all dogs in Korea, big and small, pure bred and mutt, the mighty Jindo and the toy poodle. Koreans have a long ways to go in how they treat dogs and cats, and we know our part in this animal saga was so small, but nonetheless we felt a connection and will be following what Animal Rescue Korea and all of the amazing volunteers, foster parents, and adoptive families do for the abandoned pets in Korea.

Who knew that 12 months after getting involved in volunteering (and beer brewing/fundraising for the cause) that we would have 3 beautiful jindo mix dogs that bring to our lives. While we know we made the right decision, we also can’t help but think how crazy we are. As one of our good friends commented on our picture of Mora: “LOVE is crazy”. We couldn’t agree more.

Here is a small tribute to the pups we’ve met in Korea. One pup in these pictures has sadly died due to the rough shelter conditions and spread of diseases. Others are most likely still chained to the buildings we met them at. Still others (most of them!) have been adopted thanks to the kind, loving community here.

Gorgeous (adopted!)

Gunny (still waiting!)

Kuma, Sophie’s brother

Lena (adopted!)

Bernie (still waiting!)

Sophie, Kuma and Mija

Ghost-before and after

Rudolph (adopted!)

Guidong (still waiting!)

Winter (still waiting!)

Starsky (still waiting!)

Tank-before and after

caged jindo

Sharkie-before and after

Jack-before and after

chained jindo

chained jindo


Julie and Pax

Hoocho! (adopted!)

Atta (fostered!)

Freckles (fostered!)

Pax at the shelter

Also, this video that we shared last year, of the pups at Asan:

[embedded content]

For those who want to get involved:

Home Brewing

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