Daytona Home Brew – What’s new in home brewing

Daytona Home Brew – What’s new in home brewing
Everything you need to brew beer at home except the water!, 12/16/2013 – DAYTONA BEACH, Florida (December 16, 2013) – When people hear the name Daytona it conjures up images of sun, sand, surf and spring break of beaches, bikes, babes and of course beer! Now there is another reason to associate Daytona with beer.

Daytona Home Brew sells home brewing and wine making equipment kits and ingredient kits. They carry a full line of homebrew supplies including liquid malt extract (LME) dry malt extract (DME) yeast and hops. Everything you need to brew beer at home except the water!

The price of beer is increasing much more rapidly than the rate of inflation. Price increases have been driven by the popularity of craft beers distributed by microbreweries these typically sell upwards of $10 per six pack. In addition traditional or mainstream brewers are raising their prices as well acknowledging the public’s willingness to pay these higher prices.

A growing trend spurred by both these higher prices and more importantly by the popularity of craft beers themselves is to brew your own. US sales of home brewing supplies were up 26 percent in 2012 compared to the previous year. While the volume of home brew is still small, the increased sales of beer kits is further evidence of the growing interest in craft beers, including those brewed at home.

Brewing your own is both fun and economical. The cost of acquiring the needed equipment is very affordable ranging from $75 to $150 depending on the starter kit you choose. Once you’ve made that initial investment you can brew your own beer… exactly the way you want it… for around $5 per six pack.

It’s a great hobby you can enjoy with your spouse or friends. There can also be a social aspect to it; brewing clubs are becoming increasingly popular where members get together to sample beers and share brewing tips and recipes. In addition to the cost benefit of home brewing, it’s a hobby you’ll find safe, fun and very rewarding. Visit Daytona Home Brew and if you have questions, just ask!

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