Denim + Art Fundraiser Show & Art Raffle

DENIM + ART Fundraiser Show & Art Raffle

DENIM + ART Fundraiser Show & Art Raffle

Nine artists from the Greater Vancouver Area will explore the connection between denim and art as they exhibit their multi-media works in the in-store show held Thursday October 24th, from 7-9pm.

The Artists:
Kuh Del Rosario
Jennifer Mawby
Alyssa Lewis
Ben Tour
Brent Ray Fraser
Jeff Bosworth
Emilie Klaussen
Jessica Molčan
Anna Karin Tidlund

The Fundraiser:
dutil. strongly believes that artists should be able to make a living off of their art, but knows that this is no easy feat. The DENIM + ART show aims to reward the artists for their efforts. 75% of the proceeds raised for the event will be divided equally among the 9 artists involved.

dutil. also understands the inextricable link between art and mental illness. Art production is one of the most cathartic forms of therapy, and The Art Studios of Vancouver recognizes the importance of art programming for those suffering from mental illness. Unfortunately, art related programs are in desperate need of funding – dutil. wants to help. 25% of the funds raised for the event will be donated to The Art Studios to aid with the cost of their programming.

In addition to your honorable donations, dutil. will also be donating to the cause to ensure both the artists and The Art Studios will benefit from taking part in our first ever art event.

The artists will be raising funds via our online fundraising page (click on “get tickets” link) until 5pm on the night of the event, further donations will be made through the raffle and bar by donation.

$5 gains entry to the event plus one raffle ticket. All pieces will be raffled at the end of the night. Additional tickets (and chances to win a piece of art) can be purchased on the night of the event (1 for $5, 3 for $10, 6 for $15 and 10 for $20).

More info on The Art Studios:

Beer provided by Cariboo Brewing. Bar by donation, all proceeds will be donated to the artists and The Art Studios.

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