Denver’s Black Metal Brewery: Craftwerk with TRVE Brewing Company

There are many breweries in Colorado, but only one craft brewery made for and by metalheads: TRVE Brewing Company. When Nick Nunns and Zach Coleman aren't playing and listening to metal, they're hard at work making beer at their Denvery brewery. Nick and Zach decided to take a different approach in their brewing; instead of concentrating on what the consumer wants, they brew the beer that they wanna brew—and hopefully others like it, too.

While most craft breweries focus on heavy, full-bodied, high-ABV beers, TRVE aims to get full-flavor beers with a lower alcohol content, for good session beers that you can drink without getting totally wrecked.

With a new production faculty in the works, expect to see more of TRVE in the near future.

The Sci-Fi Heavy Metal Beer: Craftwerk 3 Floyds:

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