Disconnected: Big Choice Brewing – Denver craft beer

Autumn, the transition from summer to winter, is an appropriate time to enjoy a beer representing the change in seasons. If the quintessential summer brew is light and crisp and if the traditional winter ale is dark and heavy then, meeting halfway, the perfect fall beer is not-too-light and not-too-dark. Disconnected Red (6.7% ABV) from Big Choice Brewing fits the bill nicely.

Color: Disconnected is a deep, dark orange-red. It could be clear but, even though the beer isn’t brown or black, it is dark enough to prevent light from penetrating completely through. Readers take note: each can features an iota of yeast at the bottom so leave about a ¼ inch in the can when pouring into a glass. Otherwise, one will have a cloud in one’s beer.

Aroma: There’s a suggestion of hops on the nose but, mostly, Disconnected smells malty and bready.

Taste: The hops have more oomph in the flavor than they do in the aroma but they’re still kept in balance by the bready, toasty malt backbone. This beer might satisfy the hop heads but it’s geared towards the malt heads.

Mouthfeel: Disconnected is slick and creamy but not overly thick. There’s enough hops to give is a somewhat dry finish.

As the seasons change so, too, do the brews that beer geeks drink. When the weather turns brisk and the leaves start to die, a can of Disconnected—available in many Denver-area liquor stores—pairs wonderfully with pumpkin pie, sweaters, and all that other iconic imagery associated with fall.

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