Do Americans not appreciate imported saisons?

A big problem with the imported saisons is their inconsistency here in America. Dupont is excellent if you get a well protected bottle, but I’ve had enough skunked bottles at this point that I’m done buying it for now. Same goes with Fantôme, but even with a good bottle, the brewery itself can be rather inconsistent. So yea, I love a good imported saison, but I don’t like the gamble that comes with buying one.For Americans, I find Sofie, Hennepin, and Tank 7 all to be great intro saisons. Simple and straightforward enough for a saison newbie to appreciate, but still showcasing all different aspects that make up a great saison. From there, the style really explodes into a whole variety from yeasty and earthy, to hoppy, to fruity, and everything in between.

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