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Is ‘Blast’ by Colt 45 Marketed to Kids?
BY KELSEY WAANANEN ANCHOR ALEX HOLLEY You’re watching multisource global video news analysis from Newsy. What comes in flavors like strawberry lemonade, grape, blueberry pomegranate, has a special kick and is endorsed by Snoop Dogg? It’s Pabst Brewing Company’s newest alcoholic beverage – Blast by Colt 45. And so far, 19 attorneys general across the United States want it pulled from the shelves — just like Four Loko. WBZ explains why– “It’s nickname is ‘binge in a can’- a fruity drink equivalent to five beers. … the Attorney General thinks the company is marketing this drink to kids.” “And Lisa, think about this- if you drink one can of this in an hour, that would fit the definition of binge drinking according to the Centers for Disease Control. So apparently this can is more dangerous than it looks.” CNN went out to get opinions from the “of-age” drinking audience– and they say Colt 45 Blast isn’t geared for them. “The young adults we spoke to– ‘it really does look like its marketed to children’ –told us the marketing to them is clear. ‘It looks like something that would definitely cater to the younger generation.'” The Root takes a look at a video Pabst sent to liquor distributors about the product– and points out — what Pabst is saying in private doesn’t match up to their official statements. “In the video, a Pabst marketing exec explains how to target the barely legal crowd: “We’re clearly communicating its flavor, its 12 percent alcohol content.” … Despite clear evidence to the contrary in the video, Pabst told the New York Times that the company is targeting older customers…” One blogger for the Phoenix New Times says– this uproar seems faked. “While high-octane beer gets promoted in newspaper reviews, the flavored Blast by Colt 45 is treated like heroin by the AGs. The campaign smells like nothing more than a grab for attention at the expense of Pabst, which has amped up its marketing in the past year.” And- should the drink be banned–The Atlantic Wire says the end result will be similar to what happened last year with Four Loko. “In Four Loko’s case, pulling the drink from stores caused a last-minute rush on the illicit substance, which immediately inherited a certain aura of hipness. Will the same thing happen to Blast? Count on it.” The state prosecutors have written letters to Pabst asking the company to to take the product off the market. Follow @Newsy_Videos on Twitter. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy65 views | 0 comments
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How To Make Great Coffee In a Hotel Room
There isn’t a hotel in this world that has a decent in-room coffee maker! This video will show you just how you can feed your inner coffee snob without breaking the bank! Win free coffee at http://www.CoffeeNate.com/how-to-make-better-hotel-room-coffe25 views | 0 comments
Click here to watch the video (05:17)Submitted By: CoffeeNateTags: Hotels Aeropress Tips Travel Beverages Coffee Brewing Drink Food French PressCategories: Travel & Outdoors

CoffeeNate VIA Vs. Starbucks Brewed Coffee “Challenge”
You want to know the real deal about Starbucks’ new instant coffee, VIA? Well, I took their challenge, live on video, at the store…watch the video for the results.Ranked 5.00 / 5 | 9 views | 0 comments
Click here to watch the video (09:59)Submitted By: CoffeeNateTags: Beverages Brewing Coffee Blogs Tips Video Videos Drink Fair Trade Food How MuchCategories: News & Events

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