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Dry Yeast vs Liquid Yeast

Liquid Yeast:

-Hundreds of varieties that add subtle nuances to your beers or straight up change the flavor of the beer
-the only way to brew certain style and get the desired taste

-Expensive! 2-3 times the cost of dry yeast
-Very low cell count so a started is required
-Does not have as long of a shelf life as dry yeast

Dry Yeast:

-Low Cost
-Much Higher Cell counts then liquid yeast
-Longer shelf life
-No starter needed ( will actually hurt the yeast since it will use up the included yeast nutrient)
-Very clean finishing yeast strains

-lack of variety. This is due to the dehydration process being so rough on the yeast. Most of the liquid strain are not able to tolerate the process which why there is such a lack of variety. but keep in mind most of the dry varieties were derived from liquid strains in the first place.

My suggestions:
-If you are brewing a simple ale such as a pale ale or IPA then I say absolutely go with a dry yeast such as us-05
-But if you are brewing a beer of a certain style that requires the additional flavors a certain yeast strain can add then go with a liquid variety. If you are brewing a Belgian beer of heffe or something like that then you will absolutely want to go with a liquid strain. just make sure to absolutely make a yeast starter so that you have enough viable yeast!
-The bottom line dry yeast production has come a long way since the 70's when it first started to be used. It is a common misconception that dry yeast are not pure strain s and that is absolutely not the case anymore.

In the end both types will brew great beer and ultimately it is up to you and what you want your final beer to say.

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