Dry or Liquid Malt Extract Brews…


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Why not follow an easy and proven recipe then, until you’re comfortable? There are lots of easy recipes that have steeping grains in them. Or, buy a kit with proven ingredients and recipes from a place like Northern Brewer?

This is exactly what I did, bought good kits/followed recipes from the recipe section here until I got comfortable with brewing. After that I would tweak little things here and there (namely the quantity and type of steeping grains) to get a feel for what things worked for me and what didn’t.One of the best things about homebrewing is that as long as you do the basics good (sanitation, cleaning, protecting your beer from oxidation) you’ll end up with beer; some better than others but always beer. Don’t be afraid to experiment; it is amazing how a small change can give you a completely different beer.

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