Dwarves’ Immunity To Alcohol

Alright…what is it with Dwarves and alcohol? They drink large mugs of it every day, three times a day, twenty-four seven. They do this from the moment they’re birthed until the day they die.  If any other race, humans, elves, goblins, drank like this, they would die of a shot liver before they turned twenty. Even then, they would never be able to get anything done, drunkenly stumbling around, in a constant state of ecstasy. Dwarves cannot only walk in a straight line, they can build, construct, craft, forge, cook, fight, speak coherently, and especially, brew more alcohol.  I wanna know everybody’s thoughts on this. Is it biological, like, do all dwarves have supercharged livers? Or is it magic, as in, some sort of magical affinity that only the dwarves possess?

Home Brewing

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