Dyckman Beer taps into Latino market

Dyckman Beer Dyckman Beer Co. was created by Juan Camilo, who saw a need for a Latino brew.
Juan Camilo turned a home beer-brewing kit and an interest in cooking into the only Latino-owned brewery in New York City.
Camilo, 28, who was born in Santo Domingo and raised in the Bronx and Washington Heights, left his financial industry job two years ago to start the Dyckman Beer Co. after he saw an opportunity to get into an untapped market.
“I felt like Uptown should have something to call our own,” says Camilo, whose interest in beer came from the important role that home-cooked meals play in Latino families.
“It came as a natural progression of cooking,” he says. “I’ve always been interested in that kind of stuff and it was as simple as buying a home brewing kit.”
The startup now supplies nearly 100 bodegas, bars, lounges and grocery stores, including Whole Foods Market, with three distinct beers, including the company’s flagship Dyckman Brew.
Dyckman will also be the sole beer sponsor for the Dominican Film Festival in June.
“I want to support all Hispanic arts and cultural causes,” Camilo says. “I made this so we could have something to call our own and be proud of.”

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