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China’s drug watchdog issued a circular on Saturday to remind people of the possible adverse effects of allopurinol anti-gout pills. The circular from the China Food and Drug Administration said it recorded 485 cases of adverse reaction to allopurinol, including 140 severe cases, in 2012. More than 80 percent of the adverse reactions involved damage to users’ skin, gastrointestinal tracts and bodies.

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Cheers for beers

Chinese are swilling more beer than ever – both in volume and in variety. But while better brews are washing over the market, watery factory-bottled offerings will likely carve out an even larger share than their currently dominant slice, some experts say.

Heart to heart

Congenital heart disease is one of the most common birth defects. It is especially prevalent in high-altitude regions.

Van Gogh proved an adept copyist

For a long time, it’s been something of a dirty secret, violating ideas about great artistic originality: Vincent van Gogh frequently made copies of his own work. Now, in an about-face, what is seemingly the least original aspect of van Gogh’s method is offering a close-up glimpse into the strange, obsessive intensity of his creative process.

Classical musicians join the arts influx in Berlin

Success as much about hearts as soles

It would take tycoon Diego Della Valle quite some time to complete a detailed stock-take of the extravagant luxury items in his personal portfolio.

Ladyboys of the night

After checking into Amari Orchid’s Ocean Tower and stepping onto my room’s private balcony to enjoy a view of Pattaya’s famous bay, I headed downstairs to join my friends at Mantra. They were already well into the restaurant’s smorgasbord of a Sunday brunch. I saw heaping plates of giant prawns, pink tuna sashimi and freshly shucked oysters rapidly disappearing, and was glad that I skipped breakfast a few hours ago.

Along a stretch in Brooklyn

Airline news and deals

Home Brewing

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