Easy Home Brewing – Honey Pumpkin IPA

In this video, we explore how to make a beer with pumpkin and honey, along with malt extract. Lots of hops in this beer. The taste test is at the end of the video. Thanks Brewthirty for sending the ingredients for this great beer!

Honey Pumpkin Pale Ale By Brewthrity

3.15 LBS Superstructure IPA Malt Extract

1 LB Light DME

2 – 29oz Cans of Pumpkin

2 LBS Honey

1 LB Brown Sugar

1oz Warrior Hop Pellets

1oz Simcoe Hop Pellets

1oz German Hallertau Hop Pellets

1oz UK East Kent Golding Hop Pellets

Safbrew T-58 Yeast

Whirlfloc Tablet

Prepare a pot of water and begin to heat, once hot enough; dissolve LME, DME, Honey, Brown Sugar and 1 Can of Pumpkin. Bring to a boil and add 1 oz of Warrior Hops and set timer for 60 minutes. With 20 minutes left in boil add 1 oz of UK Kent East Goldings Hops and Whirlfloc Tab. At 10 minutes left add 1 oz German Hallertau Hops and last can of pumpkin. Chill wort and top up to 5-6 gallons (based on Hydrometer reading and desired ABV.) Reach a final temp of approximately 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Add yeast and leave for 5 days, after 5 days add 1 oz of Simcoe Hop Pellets, and wait an additional 3-5 days. Keg and/or bottle your brew.

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