Electric Recirculating Brewing System – DIY All-In-One with Sparge Ring

Electric RIMS Brewing System with Sparge Ring – DIY All in one.

I built this system to be a single vessel, all in one brewing system. You can do a recirculation mash with the pump, which I also use to pump the sparge water over the grain at the end of the mash stage. The system is based on a t-500 boiler (2Kw element), with a stainless steel grain basket with a mesh false bottom. I use a small 6-12V brushless DC pump. For temperature control of the mash, I use a STC-1000 temperature controller. The probe from the STC-1000 is positioned on top of the rack just above the bazooka screen and below the grain basket. This allows me to control the temperature to within 1.3-1.5C. Cost including the STC-1000 was $395NZD, $295 USD, 200 British Pounds. Any questions please ask. Thanks for watching. Cheers


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