Enlighten me about Obama care?

Yes, you did.

Americans have been seduced by a decades long history of artifical wealth. That is, wealth based on borrowing rather than wealth based on productivity and capitalist free enterprize. In addition, the leadership in Washington have, over the years, evolved a system wherin they, as individuals, can benefit themselves by maintaining themselves in office through offering ‘free’ stuff (aka government cheese) to the people. A common argument used frequently is that the U.S., being the richest nation on earth (in itself a falshood) has an obligation to the less fortunate among us. We also have a race problem owing to our peculiar history of slavery. That history has been manipulated over the years into an unending and incomprehensible notion of restitution and ‘equality’ of outcomes.

As such, America has become polarized. Rich v poor, black v white, capitalist v socialist, etc. Currently, just about half the population pays no federal income taxes at the same time almost half are totally dependent on money from ‘the government’ in the form of employment, pensions or welfare. The vast majority of federal taxes are paid by the upper 10% through an enormous and nonsensical federal tax code that has become a tool for the ruling class to maintain its power over the people.

To confound the matter is the unique American experience of having come into being by violently rejecting tyrranical monarchist rule and championing the notion that all men are created equal. After having won our independence, the founders created our constitution among which are 10 amendments designed to maintain the superiority of individual freedom over the collective. The first amendment maintains an individulal’s freedom of speech, the second prevents the infringement of the individual’s right to keep and bear arms, being necessary to a free state. Other amendments provide for the maintenance of individual private property, due process, personal privacy, etc.

To some, the offer of quality healthcare for everyone is simply a ploy by the government, an extension of the free cheese strategery, an invasion of privacy, and confiscation of property without regard to due process.

To others it is just the right thing to do, irrespective of the cost.

Obamacare is an extremely complicated, bureacracy-laden, income-based, heavy-handed panacea that has no chance of succeeding in its intended goal as it was written. This has been tacitly acknowledged by the President offering, via executive fiat, numerous piece-meal exemptions to certain preferred groups AFTER the law was passed by Congress after having not even read it. As absurd as that sounds.

To me it is a Trojan Horse that was approved by a corrupt congress and affirmed by an eltisit supreme court of law with the real goal of which being to control the people.

Most Americans now oppose the 2,000-page law now that it has passed with the subsequent tens if not hundreds of thousands of pages of convoluted and nonsensical regulations begin to take effect.

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