Eudora Brewing Co.

Eudora Brewing Co.

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4716 Wilmington Pike
Kettering, OH 45440
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Another of the microberweries which has taken root in suburban Dayton during the craft beer swing, Eudora isn’t just a place where you go to drink beer. Here, you can make it too.

Like most of the other breweries in town, this one has a tasting room that serves only beer samples and snacks, with a year-round menu of in-house crafts. But it’s also got a neat hands-on twist: You can actually brew beer on site too, with Eudora offering a number of recipes of its own as well as the space to give one of Dayton’s newest passions a first-person try.

The year-round brews are always available, in addition to some snacks. Among them:

  • Sundowner Blonde: The resident blonde ale is very mild, it’s got a simple flavor, the bartender tells me it’s made with just a few caramel hops to give a little bit of depth to the flavor. A good starter beer for the uninitiated.
  • Bees Knees Pale Ale: True to pale ale form, this one is noticably drier. The website says it’s made with honey, but I didn’t detect much of that flavor in it. Still, it has a medium body without too much hop.
  • Boomerang IPA: This one is, per the norm, a hop experience, with a hop-forward taste and hops coming in at the end, a little too. Still, the flavor of the hops is a little muted in just the right way; you’re not just drinking pure bitterness, there’s a flavor behind it.
  • Mother Fudge Brown Ale: Brown ales are my favorite, and this one isn’t bad, it’s got a little heavier body than the average brown ale, and maybe a little bit of nuttiness to sweeten it. I didn’t get anything resembling chocolate or fudge at all though.
  • Thunderball Stout: What I like about this one is that it’s very heavy but a very detectable hint of coffee flavor to it, so it’s a very rich option.
  • Chocolate Milk Porter: This is a seasonal option. I gave this one a try and loved the heavy flavor and light body combination. Didn’t get chocolate again, though.

Eudora isn’t just the kind of place that you go to drink beer, or a place where die-hard brew lovers congregate to the exclusion of the everyman. It’s a place that you visit to learn about beer, in a very cozy and unassuming setting. It’s a great place to try for brew-newbs and craft experts alike.


  • Like many breweries in town, this one doesn’t make food in house, but it does host food trucks to set up outside and serve to the diners.
  • Also good to try: the brewing lessons. You can actually give brewing a try for yourself, and take home a batch of beer. Looking to get into the hobby? As of now, this is the only place in Dayton where you can try it.
  • There are some snacks in the bar; didn’t see anyone bringing their own food though.

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