Fancy Beer Thread

Found this in Chicago this weekend after seeing it super highly rated on ratebeer and beer advocate…it didn’t disappoint. Citrus smell to it, and a kinda complex (I guess??) taste. It starts pretty sweet, then you get a burst of hoppiness and bitterness toward the end–but not bitter in a bad way. A very well done beer…very balanced. It’s hard to explain…definitely a beer I’d drink over and over again.

rr–this is a SD brewer…what are your thoughts?

Also picked up some more Pursuit of Hoppiness (misleading name but great beer IMO…Grand Teton Brewing), and 3 4-packs from Oskar Blues–Ten Fidy (had before…delicious), G’Knight (Imperial Red…supposed to be stellar), and Deviant Dale’s (their flagship is probably Dale’s Pale, and this is a double IPA playing off of that…came highly recommended).

Also grabbed a bomber and a 6er of pumpkin beer for my wife, who loves pumpkin beer. The bomber was from Southern Tier…it’s a pumpkin stout (I think that’s what the guy said). And the 6er is called Ichabod from New Holland.

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