Favorite Beers Chosen By The Us Press

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Published: October 23, 2013 at 3:27 pm
Favorite Beers Chosen By The US Press

The United States is the second largest consumer of beer, second only to China and the highest beer importer at a whopping figure of 37% of all world imports. It’s quite fair then, that this iconic drink of America gets such avid attention from the US Press. The consumption of beer is only increasing every year with a preference for the lighter brews, and with the launch of many new products, the US Press doles out lavish praise or critiques them appropriately making their presence in the market more pronounced, thus pushing up sales. One would see that most of the coveted and popular brands usually come with good Press back-up. They range from the featured beers at Oktoberfest to the more robust autumn brews. What the exposure does to the beers is to create an anticipatory demand in a country which waits for the next great brew to hit the market. Here are the ten most extolled beers that featured in the US Press.

10. New Glarus Brewing Co Strawberry Rhubarb


It’s a beer that has the double edged flavors of rhubarb tempering the sweetness of strawberry. It was chosen “Beer of the Week” last week in ‘USA Today’ by Todd Hafaer, aka ‘Beer Man’. Strongly strawberry in flavor with a tangy rhubarb finish, the malt just about manages to come through when the bubbles settle in the throat, giving you the feel that this is as much a beer as any other, but with a unique fruity freshness. The amber beer with delicate hints of pink finishes off with a burst of creamy malt taste to make you reach for another glass.

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