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You can ferment anything… even meat! That however begins to blur the line between “fermented” and “rotten” depending on the process you use

Fermentation is actually very easy, and makes even undigestable, unhealthy food like soybeans and bread a lot more healthy. I just wrote a new article about it on my site.
http://breakthematrix.org/nutrition/fermented I apologize for my site plug, it only gets a couple dozen visitors per day, and I can’t link my whole article here.

Does anyone here ferment food? I got into it recently after reading Sandor Katz’ book “Wild Fermentation”, that guy is so passionate and speaks with such color about it I couldn’t help but become interested.

I’d like to learn some new recipes if anyone has simple, easy, effective and tasteful ones – I’d like to put them up on my site.

Here’s one recipe:
Honey Mead

If you’re going to drink alcohol, why not make your own? I like this recipe because it’s extremely simple.
You will need

* Filtered water
* Honey
* A jug/glass container
* Airlock (preferable) or loose lid


Mix filtered water and honey 4:1 until thoroughly dissolved in a wide-mouthed container. Raw local honey is preferable but not at all necessary.

Cover with a breathable material and set aside in a warm room for a few days (it will take longer if it’s cold).

When the brew is bubbly and fragrant (3-5 days later), transfer it into a glass jug. Cork it with an airlock or cover the bottle with a loose-lid. Make sure pressure can get out but air can’t easily get in.

Leave it for 2-4 weeks until bubbling slows. Refrigerate and enjoy.

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