File-O-Facts: Corey McClaine of Instead Of Sleeping

During their years together, Instead of Sleeping has evolved from a hookah-bar jam band into a multi-instrumental outfit. The fellas built up a strong reputation as an independent rock band touring regionally on their third studio effort, The Reds, The Blacks, The Grays, which dropped in the Spring of 2012. The band has been privileged to share the stage with notable national acts fun., The Dear Hunter, O’Brother, and Good Old War. Instead of Sleeping wrapped their “Speak Into Me” video shoot in May which features model Dessie Mitcheson, who was one of five girls gracing the cover of Maxim’s May issue.In celebration of their new video we sat down with drummer Corey McClaine to find out what makes him tick!—Name: Corey McClaineStar Sign: GeminiPlace of Birth: Grove City, PANow Based At: Pittsburgh, PALevel of Education: College GraduateFirst Instrument Played: My parents got me a guitar to start with but didn’t stick long and started to get more and more into drums.Current Instrument: DrumsLast Venue Played: The Smiling MooseLast Gig Attended: A 90s cover band at Dino’s Bar in St. Marys, PA, Last actual show I payed for was The Black Keys.Can’t Go On Tour Without: I definitely need my phone when we leave. I also wear a lot of hats while I drive for some reason, so hat(s) as well.The Best Thing About Live Music Is: The ability to witness someone or a group of people expressing everything that they want without even saying a word.The Person I Would Most To Collaboration Is: Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton, I love his work on every single thing he does. Brian is an absolute genius.Worst Thing To Happen To Music Is: There is no bad thing that can happen to music, it is an art form and to each person it is their own art form. Who am I to say that something someone is doing is wrong?Best Thing About The Current Music Industry: I love how much it still is one of the best experiences for people to see live. Yeah, some albums are amazing to listen to at home or in the car but damn, when you see it live it’s amazing.Turn On: I love when people think before talking. There is nothing more attractive than an honest to God smart woman.Turn Off: People that abuse Access “disability” Cards. This is something that always gets me, I love the idea of it but wish people could be more honest and hardworking.Biggest Influence: Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton, again his work is amazing and I look up to him in way more ways than just a drummer.My Favorite Person On TV Right Now Is: Aaron Paul, even though I haven’t seen him on TV recently he has a really cool success story, started out in my opinion as kind of a “B” game actor and ended Breaking Bad as a top actor.Childhood Hero: Michael Jordan when he played for the White Sox for a season. HAHAHA not really, I was a huge Michael Jordan fan for years.When I Was Younger I Wanted To Be: It sounds really funny saying now but I really wanted to be an architect.Last Album Bought: Cope – Manchester OrchestraLast Song Listened To On MP3 Player: Cardiac Arrest – Bad SunsWATCH | Bad Suns – Cardiac Arrest
The Music I’m Into Is: Rock / Indie / Pop / Rap / CountryFavorite Current Band: The NeighbourhoodMy Favorite Drink Has To Be: It is really hard to pick a favorite but, Straub “Dark” Amber, and then DOUBLE Rum and Diet. “Double, because you’d be stupid not to”My Favorite Book Is: Blue Like Jazz was the last book I read and that was over a year ago, but it was a great book.My Favorite Website Is: eBay for sure, I’m on there every day buying and selling.My Favorite Item Of Clothing Is: Designer button up shirtsMy Favorite Shop Is: I love Macys; I never leave there without at least one thing.The Best Boredom Buster Is: Netflix, If I am ever bored or have time.The Best Film I Ever Saw Was: I still love the movie 21.My Ultimate Snack Is: I go on these insane popcorn cooking sabbaticals where I cook a huge pot of stovetop popcorn, its nuts. Well, they aren’t nuts, but its kernels!The Worst Food Invented Is: That Peanut butter and Jelly mixed in one jar, what the hell?The First Thing I Do When I Wake Up Is: I always make my bed as soon as I wake up.I Can’t Leave The House Without: Clothes, for sure, but seriously I cannot leave without my wallet. Even If I don’t have the intent to buy anything, the feeling just has to be there. I have forgotten it in the past and folded up index cards just to put in my back pocket, weird huh? As Mike Rosenberg from Passenger would say, “Only know you love her when you let her go.”I’m Well Known For: Bringing in the comedy to the party, as well as instantly making someone I have never met feel like they have been a part of the group for years. I hate being left out and I don’t want anyone to ever feel like they are.My Hobbies Are: Drums, Brewing beer, Biking, and fixing electronics.I Have A Passion For: I really do have a passion for drums, there is no limit to the amount of drums and hardware I will own. My second passion is brewing beer, there is such an accomplishment from brewing a batch of really good beer.First Band Name: Lastcall, when the only thing that mattered was one talent show.Tomorrow I Will: I was just thinking about this actually, I think I’m going to grill some food, Chicken? Steak? I’ll probably go on a bike ride around the city at some point as well. A usual nightly activity for me as well is practicing our set list 1-2 times. Then, after all the business is done I kick back for an episode of House of Cards.My Biggest Aspiration: Fixing things, there is no feeling better than the feeling and sense of accomplishment you get after you take something that’s beat “beyond repair” and making it new again. It has really given me a secure sense on life knowing I can fix just about anything.I Think AltSounds is: I am a rather new viewer but the site is so easy to navigate, I love it. It’s a really cool way to discover bands you wouldn’t normally find yourself. AltSounds also gives you info on the band so when you do find someone they have all of their info right there at your fingertips. It is really easy to find a band through Pandora or Spotify but when you have pretty much a free secretary (AltSounds) working for you to find the hottest new band, you can’t go wrong.

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