Filtering Beer Trouble

Joint question for koopa, Tebuken, VikeMan…By what I’ve read on the links mentioned above + what your suggestions are regarding water, here are some of the questions, conclusions, ideas I have:Since I’m using three stage RO filter it looks like that I’m striping my (tap) water from not just chlorine, but also all minerals. Most important of all of them is Calcium. So, if I would like to use that water for brewing, then I should temper it by adding compounds like CaCl2, CaCO3. Then my pH will be changed in accordance with adding of some of those salts. CaCl2 will make my water (or mash) more acid (pH under 7) while adding CaCO3 will make it more alkaline. So then, I’ll need to add acids, if the pH is above 5.2-5.8 range or to use acid malts. Or if the environment is very acid (bellow 5.2) I’ll need to add NaHCO3 in order to make it more alkaline. That will further change levels of Potassium, Carbonates, etc. in my water/mash. So many variables and so easy to get it wrong.Instead of all of that, how about following?Ditching three stage RO filter and just keep active charcoal filter which will remove Chlorine from water and in the same time keep all necessary minerals (Ca, Mg, Na) for particularly fermenting.Then checking pH and if it is to high (what is most likely, since most of the tap waters are more alkaline than acidic), to use acid malts in order to lower pH during mashing/boiling.My concern here is that using those malts could change my original beer recipe and hence change beer taste accordingly. That’s something I would also like to avoid. Adding some acids is also option hard to swallow. Maybe drop or two of H2SO4 could be acceptable, I think.Adding chemical compounds like CaCl2 is something I would like to avoid, since number of them are labeled as “taste enhancers” and have infamous E labels. I think that CaCl2 is E-509 and having this on the label of my beer, would be such a turn off for consumers and also it will be so hard for me to sell my beer, saying that it is made from only four ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast.Am I on a right track, please?

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