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Founded in 2000, FINNEGANS currently makes two beers, Irish Amber Ale and Blonde Ale. But the craft beer market thrives on variety and quality. We need to live up to that challenge. And while diverese IPAs are springing up like dandelions, we believe there is a void out there for a truly epic Stout.
We call it Dead Irish Poet Extra Stout.
We are in the process of creating our limited release Extra Stout for an October 1st release date. We’ve been working with Guinness-trained brewmaster Damian McConn, who is currently the head brewer at Summit Brewing Company in Saint Paul, MN. A fine Irish chap who knows his way around a proper Stout. The Dead Irish Poet name sprung from the smooth yet complex, dark and brooding taste profile and higher alcohol content. A fitting homage to the long line of complex, dark and brooding Irish writers like James Joyce, William Butler Yeats and Oscar Wilde.

Here’s where you come in. Because we give back to the community to help feed the hungry, creating new beers is a challenge. So we need help with the expenses of developing the taste profile, formulating the recipe, and obtaining the ingredients, as well as the costs of brewing, bottling and packaging Dead Irish Poet at the Summit Brewing Company. So take a look at our rewards, thank you for your help!

The whole package


We have been making beer for 15 years and have a firm grasp of risk and challenges associated with unleashing a new beer. These include brewing, packaging and distributing timelines. But these challenges are nothing we haven’t faced before, and for this beer we have been working closely with our brewing and distributing partners to ensure a smooth release of Dead Irish Poet. The recipe has been tasted and approved and will be brewed on August 18th, the packaging is ready to be printed, and orders are beginning to come in from distributors. All that is left is your support!
Finally, because of the nature of growing a small business and our commitment to giving back to the community limited cash flow is our biggest obstacle. So please donate and help bring Dead Irish Poet to life on October 1, 2014!

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