First All-grain beer – Thornbridge Jaipur Clone


As well as Macclesfield Homebrew meeting posts, I will be using this blog to document own personal brew days. I will also link other members brew days to this account so you can all see our beery goodness.

So, here’s a run down of my first all-grain brew day! I decided on brewing a Thornbridge Jaipur clone. This decision was due to two reasons. Firstly, it’s a bloody good (award winning) beer. And secondly, it was one of the first beers I tasted that got me into craft beer.

It turned out really well, not exactly like Jaipur but close enough to still be delicious. The beer is dry and light, with massive hop character. However, it came in a bit stronger due to a higher efficiency and attenuation rate than expected, but I don’t mind all that much!

Here’s the recipe, scaled down from Mitch Steele’s book “IPA” to fit my needs. Recipe here.


4kg Marris Otter

180g Vienna Malt

Mashed at 65˚C for 90 mins. 


Centennial @ 60, 30 and FO.

Chinook @ 60, 30 and FO.

Ahtanum @ 60, 30 and FO.

Dry hopped with a mix @ 7days at 5g per litre. 

OG: 1.054

FG 1.008

Here’s some pictures of the day!


Getting ingredients ready!


My Burco Boiler and gear.


My good friend and brew buddy Bruce doughing in!


Boiling away!


Aerated and pitched!


Logo mock-up (I live in an old poorhouse)


First bottle, slightly over carbonated (2.9 volumes of C02 instead of 2.4!)

All in all, really happy with how my first AG brew day turned out. The smells through the house were amazing, and it was more fun than just dumping extract in a pot. I actually felt like I was making beer!

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