Florida’s Cigar City Brewing to sell Alabama-inspired ale in Birmingham…

wiregrass.jpgThe label that will appear on Cigar City’s Alabama-inspired ale. (Special)

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Tampa Bay craft brewer Cigar City Brewing will re-enter the Alabama market on Oct. 24 when two of its beers will be available at select retailers.

One of the beers, Wiregrass Post-Prohibition Ale, is an ode to the reform of state liquor laws that this spring made home brewing legal in Alabama. The ale and Cigar City’s flagship India Pale Ale, Jai Alai, will be available at limited locations next week and in wider distribution next month.

“Cigar City was a hit when they were in our markets before,” Alabev owner Harry Kampakis said in a prepared statement. “We are excited to introduce their newest brew, Wiregrass to craft beer lovers.”

Cigar City beers were briefly available in Alabama about two years ago.

Cigar City’s brew master Wayne Wambles is an Alabama native and he collaborated with the Alabama Home Brewers Association to create the ale, Alabev said.

“This beer is in commemoration of the recent and long overdue legalization of home brewing in the state of Alabama,” Wambles said.

On May 9 Gov. Robert Bentley signed into a law a measure that allows those 21 and older to make up to 15 gallons of beer, wine, mead or cider every three months for personal use.

The law, though it does not apply to those in dry cities or counties, ended Alabama’s time as the only state in the nation where home brewing was illegal.

Cigar City has been ranked among the nation’s top 10 craft brewers by USA Today.

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