Flying Dog Dead Rise

Flying Dog has teamed up with the Old Bay Seasoning Company to create a new spiced Summer Ale. The Maryland brewery has decided to pay homage to the crabs that their home state is so well known for by brewing a beer with the Old Bay spice company which has been used to spice seafood for over 75 years now. Interesting take on a Summer Ale, I like that they aren’t following the usual script of just throwing some kind of lemon in a beer and calling it a Summer beer. If nothing else Flying Dog is always taking risks and trying different things which I definitely can appreciate. As usual I love the label art and the name of the beer, if I see this around on draft I would probably give it a try. From the brewery:
Dead Rise OLD BAY Summer Ale will highlight the indelible character of OLD BAY through bright and refreshing citrus hop character and a crisp, tart finish. OLD BAY is added to the whirlpool imparting a bold aroma followed by hints of flavor throughout the beer. The finish is dry, snappy, and perfect for our hot and humid summers.
Our brewers worked with the spice experts at OLD BAY for six months to develop the recipe. Here are the specifics 5.6% ABV ,25 IBU Hops: Northern Brewer, CTZ, Cascade Specialty malt: Acidulated, Rye, Malted White Wheat

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