For Your Consideration – Caleb Porter MLS Coach of the Year


There is a pretty common practice in the entertainment world whereby when people get nominated for an award (think Oscars), there are things that are done to bring attention to that. Whether that is buying ad space in Daily Variety, taking over billboards on Sunset or doing something that only Stephen Colbert would do. These ads and promo pieces always start with “For your consideration.”

Caleb Porter is up for head coach of the year and the Portland Timbers have done something very cool to get word out about this. They created what is essentially a piece of art with the words “Big Hearts Brass Balls” front and center. The quote “big balls brass hearts” comes from a post game interview that Porter gave after a come from behind win against Dallas.

After hearing this quote, the Timbers Army went to work on a Tifo with that quote and revealed this fantastic piece of work.

Portland Timbers vs Vancouver Whitecaps

In addition to the Timbers Army making the “Big Hearts Brass Balls” Tifo, this statement also inspired a collaboration with Widmer Brothers Brewing Company to make a new beer – the Big Hearts Brass Balls, A Caleb Porter. This just gets better. Here is a little official info on this:

Porter visited the Widmer Brothers pilot brewery at the Moda Center in late August to help brew this special recipe with Widmer Brothers brewer and longtime Timbers fan Ben Dobler: a smooth Porter brewed with roasted malts and naked oats that offers roast, subtle chocolate character, and a velvety mouthfeel. This highly drinkable beer is ready just in time for the heated Cascadia Cup rivalry match against the Seattle Sounders on Sunday, October 13th, and for the MLS Cup playoff push to close the 2013 regular season.

I really appreciate everything about all of this. The framed piece of art is great, but there’s so much more to it. The Timbers Army taking a quote from Caleb and turning it into a Tifo. A local business taking the quote and collaborating to make something special for the fans. And now the front office taking all of that and turning it into a creative statement to drive home the message of:

For your consideration: Caleb Porter for MLS Coach of the Year.

Well played.

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