Fourth Annual Worthy Craft Beer Showcase in Springfield wraps up another…

A quote widely attributed to Benjamin Franklin says “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”
Well, if good weather is any indication of God’s approbation, then today’s Worthy Craft Beer Showcase in Springfield definitely backs up Franklin’s claim.
Sunny skies and warm–but not too hot–temperatures held sway as the fourth annual iteration of the the Worthy fest wrapped up another successful year. The event offers a unique take that differs from most beer festivals in that each brewery is asked to bring one flagship beer as well as one specialty brew. The showcase is sponsored by, and held in front of, Theodores’ and Smith’s Billiards on the lower end of Worthington Street.
One new twist this year was the inclusion of a homebrewing contest where attendees were invited to sample each of 15 homebrews and vote with two tokens provided to each patron. The brewer with the most tokens at the end of the day– Footbridge, won the opportunity to brew up at Amherst Brewing Company, and brew “The Fest” beer for the 2015 Worthy Showcase. Footbridge won for its IPA.
Some of these homebrewed beers proved to be incredibly popular.
“One hour into the contest, four of the brewers already kicked through five gallons,” said Jeffrey Goulet, one of the event’s organizers. “And that’s just doing four-ounce pours.”
The homebrewing aspect was definitely a plus for one attendee, Cheryl Sirmans Obremski, who has attended many beer festivals over the years.
“I love the homebrew tent, because it’s gives those people who homebrew a chance to showcase their beers,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity for them.”
Another attendee, Chris Nuzzo, of Longmeadow, was attending his second Worthy fest. He also enjoyed the homebrew contest, but mostly liked the general convivial vibe of the event.
“I like the atmosphere. It’s laid back,” he said. “They have great music and it’s a relaxed atmosphere with good beer. It feels like you’re just hanging out with your buddies.”
The festival, which ran from noon-4 p.m., featured a number of new regional breweries such as Abandoned Building, Iron Duke, and Broad Brook.

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