Fremont Adventure Recreation attracts out-of-towners with Bikes & Brew…

By Brandon Hopper

Colorado Springs’ Red Leg Brewing Company serves beer during the second annual Bikes & Brews event Saturday at Macon Plaza. (Brandon Hopper / Daily Record)

Fremont Adventure Recreation works to get local residents outdoors and active. That hasn’t been its only consumer base since the group formed in 2010, though.
Saturday’s event, the second annual Bikes & Brews, had about 25 local riders … and somewhere around 250 out-of-towners.
“We’ve got lots of people coming from out of town to Cañon City and seeing how great our community is,” FAR director Brian VanIwarden said. “… That’s something we don’t get enough of.”
Event organizer Adam Hartman said the ride had somewhere around 270 riders in the multi-option cycling event, and he guessed that about 10 percent of them were locals. Riders came from throughout Colorado and other states such as Arizona, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and California.

Riders had the option of the Royal Gorge Century Ride, a Metric Mash (a metric century ride), a Red Canyon 50K and a mountain bike option.
“When Bikes and Brews came to be … we thought we could highlight what’s great about Fremont County and we feel the quality of road riding is spectacular,” Hartman said. “People from Boulder and Denver and Springs are (starting) to see it is a highlight.”
Greg Majors and Connie Majors are from Montrose, and their kids live in Denver. For a Father’s Day gift, the family purchased a set of rides to enjoy with Greg.
“It’s a beautiful area,” he said. “The ride was great. We like it. We love Montrose but it’s so far away from the Front Range. Cañon is pretty easy access to Colorado Springs and Denver.”

Of course, the benefit of having so many out-of-towners is the economic impact it has on the community.
“Each one of these riders, not only drove here and before leaving will have to fill their tank with gas, they’re also spending money on food and a large percentage of them are spending money on lodging, too,” Hartman said.
The Majors family heard about Pizza Madness while in town, so they ate and hung out downtown on Friday night.

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