From homebrew hobby to brewhouse business

From homebrew hobby to brewhouse business

Patrons sit and enjoy Timeless Pints' microbrewed creations.

Patrons sit and enjoy Timeless Pints’ microbrewed creations.


Timeless Pints Brewing Co.

Who: Chris Sparacio, owner

Where: 3671 Industry Ave., Lakewood

Open since: August

Hours: 2-8 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays. 1-8 p.m. Saturdays and 1-6 p.m. Sundays

Information: 562-490-0099 and

Starting with a Father’s Day gift, Chris Sparacio brewed his dream job to life.

Sparacio always considered himself to be a beer lover, but he never pictured he would be making beer for others one day.

The owner of Timeless Pints Brewing Co. in Lakewood began brewing in his home about five years ago when his wife and son bought him a homebrewing kit.

“That was just a hobby,” the Long Beach resident said. “There was no thought of ever opening a brewery at that point. That was just for fun.”

After losing his job of 17 years as an electronic technician for mail sorting machinery, Sparacio decided he wanted to become his own boss. Beer was his best bet, he thought.

Sparacio, 50, said the brewing industry was growing and it just made sense for him to open his own microbrewery because of a lack of local ones.

Timeless Pints, which opened in August, also does not sell any food, nor does he ever plan to sell food, Sparacio said.

“There are brew pubs, but there wasn’t anywhere that just brews beer,” he said. “For this general area, we’re it, and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for us.”

Doug Hughes, 70, of Long Beach said after he moved from Seattle, where breweries were common, to Long Beach, he had trouble finding breweries.

“I asked around about places in the Long Beach area, and someone told me about Timeless Pints,” he said, adding that he now visits the brewery at least once a week. “From the beginning, the staff is extremely welcoming, and they make a point to learn your name right away.”

Currently, Timeless Pints has 12 brews and 10 taps. It distributes its beer to area restaurants such as Iguana Kelly’s and The Wine Bar.

The brewery also has a tasting room that is open to the public on the weekends, and it sells growlers, or containers, for people to take the beer home.

Sparacio said he brews the beer twice a week using a five-barrel system, which amounts to 155 gallons of beer.

“It’s very similar to homebrewing,” he said. “The equipment is larger and takes a little over an hour to clean, but the overall process is a good eight-hour day. It’s kind of a slow process because you have to boil the beer and all these steps that can take an hour each, so it’s a lot of waiting. And when you’re all done, you have to clean everything, which can take a while.”

Sparacio loves coming up with his own creations and said his favorite brew is the Bear Reader Huckleberry Oatmeal Stout.

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