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With the fall brewing season kicking back in, are you looking to up your homebrewing game?
This combination of beer gets you outdoors brewing all grain beer, via the Brew in a Bag, BIAB technique, for $139.07.. shipped to your door.
Bayou Classic’s highly rated SQ14 Propane Burner is selling for $41.09.  That’s just $1.10 off a record low.  It ships for free.

Bayou Classic SQ14 Single Burner Outdoor Patio Stove – $41.09 + Free Shipping
Kettle and Lid:
Winware’s Professional Quality, NSF Listed 10 Gallon Kettle is selling for $47.16.  It ships for free.

Winware Professional Aluminum Stock Pot 40 qt – $47.16 + Free Shipping
This kettle sells without a lid.  For BIAB, you’re going to need a lid.  That runs $14.82 and will ship for free along with the kettle.
If you’d like to go with Stainless, check out this Clearance Deal on 8 and 15 Gallon Kettles…

Winco ALPC-40 Aluminum Lid for 40 Qt. Stock Pot – $14.82
The Bag:The Brew Bag is a high quality, purpose designed BIAB bag.  Check out my First Looks Post.  For this kettle, you would want the 30 to 42 Quart Size Bag.

The Brew Bag for Kettles 30-42 Quart – $30 + $4.90 Shipping
Pinned: $10 Carb Cap *SS False Bottom *Soft Parade Clone *15 Gal Kettle Deal
Also Consider: From Stovetop Extract to Outside All Grain for $137.97 Shipped
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From Stovetop Extract to Outside All Grain for $137.97
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