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Wireless WildCat Robot Can Run a 4-Minute Mile Mashable

The Cheetah robot was born in 2012. The speedy four-legged bot could run at 29 miles per hour —outpacing Usain Bolt — while tethered to a power supply.

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Robots Are Becoming Independent [Video] Guardian Express

Exploring, driving, and self-building are among the many sentient-like behaviors robots are currently built to do. Today robots are becoming more and more 

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Foam home! iPhone commands beer-brewing robot

A craft-beer-brewing robot that can be controlled by a smartphone has garnered The robot will automatically control tedious details such as temperature and 

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23rd century vacuum robot Robot Reviews

Our time machine happened on ads for a new vacuum robot in the 23rd century. By focusing only on shorter range and less accuracy, the cost and size of 

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Are MIT’s self-assembling robots the last tool you’ll ever need? Upstart

The UpTake: This is just a prototype, but if MIT’s new M-blocks shape up to their potential, they could be the last tool you’ll ever need. The right tool for the right 

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Boston Dynamics’ Galloping WildCat Robot (Video) Dave

Boston Dynamics introduces WildCat, a four-legged robot capable of galloping at 16mph on flat terrain. WildCat is not as fast as its running cousin, Boston 

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Latest version of Pentagon’s cheetah robot runs without a leash Matt Knight The latest version of the Pentagon’s super-fast robot now runs without a leash or power cord. While Cheetah could run faster that

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