Grain Station releases The Rose Marie | a Gin Barrel Aged Wheat IPA

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By Samurai Artist | May 6, 2015

One of my favorite often overlooked Oregon breweries –Grain Station Brew Works has released “The Rose Marie” a Gin barrel-aged White IPA. Part of Grain Station’s Community Brew Series that is dedicated in honoring figures in McMinnville’s community to help make the city a great place to live. The first beer in the series was dedicated to McMinnville’s retiring City Manager – Kent Taylor and was released in November of 2014.
Though I know little about Rose Marie she has reportedly been working her magic for years on Third Street, taking care of every tree and planter barrel and selflessly adding warmth and homeyness to downtown Mcminnville.

Rose Marie’s beer is a one of a kind experience, infused with the botanicals of Sheridan’s Ransom Spirits’ Old Tom Gin blend and our Brewmaster’s special blend of hoppy bitterness and aromatics.
This single batch brew is only available for a limited time on tap only at the brewery and GSBW is worth the trip for the beer garden, and marketplace that surrounds it in the Granary District. Half full gin barrels full of Rose Marie’s choice of flowers will be here at Grain Station to honor her for a long time to come.

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