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Grace and Grit Double IPA Release – Same Beer, New NameBy Andrew Nations – June 23, 2014Whether we like it or not, naming beers is a real pain in the ass. We always aim for something unique, relevant – and most importantly – not already registered. The first time we release our DIPA was for the WYES Beer Festival in New Orleans back in June of 2013. We had just brewed the beer several weeks before and were eager to share with the folks in South Louisiana. At the last minute we settled on the name “Ermahgerd Hops,” as a reference to one of our favorite internet memes.We never really had plans to brew this beer on our production system, as the ingredients are hard for a new brewery to procure. Our DIPA uses a large amount of high alpha acid hop superstars Citra and Amarillo. Thanks to some good friends in the brewing community, we finally got enough of these scarce hops to brew a production batch of our Double IPA.Now that the DIPA is back, and on a production scale, we have given it a new name that better fits into Great Raft’s portfolio.We are re-releasing this beer under the new name “Grace and Grit.” This name really describes what we were looking to achieve in the beer. This is an assertive Double IPA that reflects a contrast of ingredients. Staggering aromas of citrus and grapefruit are refined by a malt-balanced backbone in this bold expression of opposites. Grace and Grit showcases generous amounts of American hops and subtle restraint in a delightfully drinkable brew.Be the first to try it on draft at Rotolo’s in Shreveport on Wednesday, June 25th at 5PM. Bottles and draft of Grace and Grit will be available at the Great Raft Brewing tasting room starting Thursday, June 26th. Bottles will be made available to retailers the week of June 30th. There are a lot more bottles of Grace and Grit than there were of All My Tomorrows. When you get your hands on a bottle, please keep in mind that this is a hoppy beer that is meant to be enjoyed fresh. So don’t hang onto this one for too long. In the tasting room, limit 4 per person. Price $12 each.See y’all soon!

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