Groupon for Master Beer-brewing Course from Mixology Training

Kind of helps to provide a link…so here: so I looked into this because I too became curious with your link. I paid $25 to attend an all grain brewing class at a local brewery/home brew supply shop. In the class I was served copious amounts of beer and I learned. When I was done, I got one recipe of the class instructor’s choosing for free. I walked away a winner…and buzzed. When I returned to a monthly big brew (where home brewers can bring their crap and brew on site) the instructor aka the dude that works in the LHBS, helped me. I returned the following month and again, was receiving massive help from this employee who is an experienced brewer himself. All for $25.This course that is being offered as a group on is led by Bob Sylvester who owns Saint Somewhere Brewing. sounds super legit but it is NOT worth nor is it really a $595 value. Why do I say that? Because right here is a link to the workshop itself held in May of I believe this year and the price was $15-25. I am not sure why the range, perhaps if they don’t like your haircut they charge more, but still. It is not even a $29 value.Would I buy the group on? No. Would I buy it if the workshop isn’t offered outside of this deal? Probably. We’re talking $4.00 difference and if you really want to take it then go for it. You are not saving a single penny though and you’re not getting in on the ground floor of some deal of the lifetime. You are indeed correct in your suspicion.I think a quick course on AG brewing is great for all who are just starting out. It sure did ease some nervousness I had when considering going from extract to AG and the extra help was a super big bonus.

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