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So what am I doing? Who am I? Why should you the reader/Internet surfer care? Well I don’t have the answers, I just really like craft beer. Personally I enjoy reading other blogs and networking with others that enjoy the same things I do and that’s pretty much all I’m trying to do. If you like what I post, follow and let me know if I can exchange the like/follow. Please follow me on Twitter (handle in profile), Instagram @vancitycraftbeer and if you use the Untappd app my username is the same. Let me know what beers you like, some great pubs/restaurants in Vancouver……and whatnot.
As for my first blog post…….well aside from beer I also really like coffee but that’s not what you searched craft beer for so I will try to stay on topic. I’ve experimented with home brewing for the last 3 years or so, supporting the local guys at Dans Home Brewing supplies in East Van, but I’m usually too impatient to wait for the carbonation process so I really enjoy just going out for beer. I’m currently sitting in my favourite/only establishment within walking distance of my home enjoying their Tuesday special on draught. As for personal preference with beer, the hoppier the better, I like the ibu through the roof!
So there it is. A bit of an intro to get started and who knows when or what I will post again but here’s hoping……or is it hopping…..zing! Looking forward to your feedback and follows and hope to run into some of you in the ‘Couv.
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