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Canadianish / Kölschy / Summer Ale-like kinda thingie

Postby Laripu » Sat Oct 26, 2013 6:37 pm

Yeah, that’s what in brewing today. Ten pounds of Weyermann pilsener malt, one pound of flaked corn, hops are EKG and Tettnanger to 23 BU, and yeast is Kölsch yeast.

Mashed at 125°F for 15 minutes, 147°F for 45 minutes, 152°F for 30 minutes, 158 for 15 minutes.

It will be a thin lager-like ale. My stepson and his family are coming at Christmas, and this is about the only thing I can get him to drink, beside rum and coke. He’ll have a drink maybe every second day….. so I hope I like it.

Aging: As yet unnamed agave cactus mead, 1.093
Drinking: “GOMBA”, Grumpy Old Man’s Bitter Ale, 1.071, 29 BU, brown
Drinking: “Cats and Myces”, 1.069, 41 BU… blond ale
Drinking: “Comin’ Thro’ the Rye”, 1.067, 38 BU, 6.7% abv… braggot with caramel rye
Drinking: “Stout Enough”, berry-enhanced stout, 33 BU, 7% abv
Fermenting: Second runnings weak beer, estimated 4%, 35 BU.

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