Home Brew In Style With The HopBox Home Brewing Kit – stupidDOPE

Home brewing beers and alcohol is becoming a very popular pastime. There is nothing like making your own beer or liquor and serving it up with pride. There are quite a few home brew kits but some of them have too much going on. The parts are big and bulky and look more like a home chemistry kit. This HopBox Home Brewing Kit is a neat and stylish way to brew some good stuff.
The HopBox comes in four very cool designs. Each kit is cleverly thought out and designed to be stylish, convenient, and easy to put away. The kit comes with a wooden box to hold all of the tools involved. The Glass fermentation bottles, double-bubble airlocks, thermometers, funnels, and pint glasses are all included in the package. The instructions come int he kit as well along with a brewer’s log and recipe book. Some of the kits even include a 16-ounce cobalt blue bottle for storing the final product. The HopBox can be purchased here. It will be funded via Kickstarter on Saturday, May 31, 2014.
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