Home Brew Root Beer

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As a kid, we enjoyed brewing home-brewed root beer. We used Hires brand root beer extract, mixed in real sugar and yeast and fermented it in stubby brown beer bottles, which we capped using a lever-activated mechanical bottle capper, with golden-coloured bottle caps.  The two-week fermentation period seemed like an eternity, but the wait was almost always worth the while.

Almost, like the time we used “Pop Shop” pop bottles, and they couldn’t take the pressure – and burst, or if the carbonation was not adequate and we had to wait another week or two.

My big sister’s family has given us some elixer, and I think that we are going to give it a try.  Now, how could I manage to come up with some empty beer bottles… Hmmmm???

It was a big tradition, as kids to have root beer, ripple chips and sour cream ‘n onion dip on Christmas eve.  If it was our home-made root beer, SO MUCH the BETTER!

guess what I am dreaming of?

Home Beer Brewing

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