Home-brewer crafts his own ale from Vegemite

Australian home-brewer managed to make beer using from VegemiteThe student decided to make Vege-booze after question surfaced recently’It’s doughy with fruity sweetness, Vegemite brings it all together,’ he saysVegemite contains yeast, which is an ingredient needed to brew beerBy

Liam Quinn For Daily Mail Australia

18:35 EST, 26 August 2015

23:53 EST, 26 August 2015

A home-brewer has proved Vegemite can indeed be used to brew alcohol, after weeks of conjecture. The student from Sydney has managed to put his own flavour on the iconic Australian spread by turning it into beer.The university student and beer-enthusiast set about creating his own beer using Vegemite about two weeks ago, and has watched since as it gradually fermented and began to take shape a week after he started brewing. Questions have been asked in recent weeks over whether it was possible to make alcohol from VegemiteThe brewer stored the substance in an ‘artificially warm spot of about 33 degrees’, and after eight days a ‘frothy layer’ formed on top of the liquid. He also said a ‘ring of yeast residue’ became visible around the neck of the jar, which was another sign his project was working.’I’ve tasted it, and it isn’t particularly nice or pleasant,’ the micro-biology student told Daily Mail Australia.

‘It’s very yeasty and unexpectedly bitter, then topped off with the Vegemite taste. The only feedback I’ve had so far is that it’s like Vegemite on toast.’ Despite not passing the taste test, he said he was still happy to have successfully crafted his concoction. Fermentation expert Dr Claudia Vickers said it was very difficult to brew beer with Vegemite. ‘It is not impossible, but it is highly, highly implausible,’ Dr Vickers said’This was always an exercise to see if it could actually be done or not,’ he said. ‘I wanted to find out if I could do this and it you could make something from it.’ After fermenting, the Vegemite Beer had an alcohol content of roughly 6 per cent.  HOW TO MAKE VEGEMITE BEER  A Sydney home-brewer’s recipe:After fermenting, the Vegemite Beer would have an alcohol content of roughly 6 per cent. The tale of home-brewing comes after claims by Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion that Vegemite was being used to make home brew alcohol in Aboriginal communities.But his claims have since been discredited.Fermentation expert also Dr Claudia Vickers said it was very difficult to brew beer with the spread.’It is not impossible, but it is highly, highly implausible,’ Dr Vickers said, according to the ABC. ‘There is nothing alive in the Vegemite that you can use to make beer with.’  Indigenous Affairs Minister and Northern Territory senator Nigel Scullion, pictured during Senate Question Time and Parliament House, had falsely claimed Vegemite being used to brew alcohol in dry communities Vegemite is made up of yeast – one of the key ingredients needed to brew beer, salt and vegetable extract

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