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Manmohan, a self-confessed "beer geek", has been home brewing since last May

Manmohan, a self-confessed “beer geek”, has been home brewing since last May

Manmohan Birdi started his first home brew in May 2012, and is now onto his 14th batch.

I caught up with him at Islington’s Craft Beer Co. Home Brew Club on Monday.

The 47-year-old osteopath said that his old housemate was a brewer and that he tried it himself after they moved out.

“I go through some periods where I brew loads. My beer is always clean and I’m happy I can do decent brews.

“I hate bottling my beer so I generally put it in kegs, but then I have to drink it and I can’t get through it all. I end up giving most of it away.”

Manmohan’s beers

Manmohan's home brewed Belgian blonde (left) and mild (right)

Manmohan’s home brewed Belgian blond (left) and mild (right)

He brought two beers with him, all the way from Deptford – a Belgian blond and a mild. He was most eager to share his Belgian, from his 11th batch.

“I love Belgian beer,” he said. “I was going for a nice, easy-drinking, basic Belgian blond with this one.”

But it was his mild which the other brewers loved the most.

“That’s my worst one!” Manmohan made sure to point out. “I’ve done two milds before which were much better.

“It used to be the most popular beer but no-one drinks it any more. I’m gonna get people drinking it again.”

Other home brewing projects

Manmohan is also organising the London and South East Craft Brewing Competition, run by London Amateur Brewers (LAB).

“I only joined LAB this May but I wish I’d known about it a long time ago.

“Some of the beers aren’t too great, but others make me say ‘wow, these beers are incredible!’”

Registration for the competition closes on November 4, with entries being judged on November 9.

What’s next for Manmohan?

“I’ve been wanting to do a smoked beer for ages, I love it. My next beer will probably be a smoked porter.”


The Home Brew Club meets every Monday at The Craft Beer Co, White Lion Street, Islington.

If you’d like to shine in the home brewers’ spotlight, get in touch! Email beyondtheale@gmail.com or tweet us @Beyond_the_Ale

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