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Home Brewing Continues to Grow in Popularity

March 26, 2014

John Lyle Harrison is an experienced home brewer who has been making batches of his own beer for more than 25 years. An increasingly common hobby, more and more individuals like John Lyle Harrison are finding a passion for crafting their own beer through methods that have been around for thousands of years.

A beverage nearly as old as civilization, beer has been prepared in households for millennia. In fact, the earliest written records of beer brewing appear in the histories of Egypt and Mesopotamia and date back to 9,000 B.C. It wasn’t until the early Middle Ages that brewing factories began to appear, and the mass production of beer didn’t begin until the 18th century.

With the rise of commercial breweries, home brewing became less of a necessity, but it still continued throughout the years. Today, home brewing has seen a resurgence in popularity, as an increasing number of people turn to the hobby as a cost-effective way to create and enjoy quality beer. The Fermenters International Trade Association estimated that there are 1 million home brewers in the United States alone, and that number continues to increase every year.

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