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Hey- I am thinking of starting to home brew. I really enjoy belgian beer but in particular trappist beers. I realise I wont be able to make exactly like that but how do I go about making beer to taste like this?


I’ve had a quick glance for some beer kits that you could start off with
https://www.thehomebrewcompany.ie/br…pel-p-801.html this one only makes about 20 pints where most kits would get you 40 pints. You could start off with a plain wheat beer kit maybe, just for you to learn the ropes, etc. Then look into other homebrew techniques for making beers like Trappist. Have a look around that website anyway (great bunch of lads) at some starter equipment kits also. Beer kits are an easy way to start homebrewing, help you develop good habits like sanitization with little risk of making bad beer.
I’m only really starting off too with only two batches under my belt so I’m sure there’ll be more advice for you to come!

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