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Beer brewing equipment may vary in prices as to they are available in different categories for home brewery and for brewing in industries. The equipment used in beer making industries is costly and are complicated in use. If you are planning to start your own home made brewery then you will need quite less equipment.

For small home brewery there are some important things you need to buy and you will read them and get the idea of the equipment in this article.

The first thing necessary for home brewing is a brew pot. You will need this pot to be a minimum of 16 quartz in size and is advisable to upgrade it to 30 quartz after you know how to brew properly. Make sure that your pot contains no chips of metal and enamel as this will come in contact with your beer and this will spoil it in the end.

The next important thing is a brew spoon. This is an important instrument as you need this spoon to stir the brew you are making and make sure that the spoon is around 16 to 18 inches in size and be made of stainless steel. Then you will require having a fermenter in which you will pour the cooled beer after you have done brewing. You should know and check that the fermenter is air locked otherwise it will destroy the taste of the beer. The fermenter should be big in size and have an air tight lid and be able to hold up to 6 to 8 gallons of brew in it.

Air locking is a necessary part in beer brewing and if proper care is not taken then your beer will be useless. Make sure that you have an air tight lid on the fermenter with a rubber stopper which lets the carbon dioxide escape from it and does not allow any air to come in the fermenter.

Another important instrument required is plastic hose which is used for transferring beer from vessel to another vessel and also to the bottles.  All of these above mentioned equipment are the basic and necessary equipments needed for home brewing and without these instruments you cannot possibly make beer.

Other than these instruments you will then need glass bottles in which you will fill the beer. The bottles should be thick and strong and re usable ones. You should know how many bottles to have in order to fill them up with your beer.

Then you will require some minor things which are necessary in order for your brewing process to complete. These are bottling tubes which help you transfer the brew in the bottles. This tube should be a long and should be made of hard plastic. Then you will require a bottling brush which is used to clean the bottles from the inside before filling them up. The last things you require is bottle rinser and bottle capper which are the final things of your brewery.

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