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Are you considering buying a beer making kit, or maybe wondering whether homebrewing is for you? A wide array of people are already enjoying this fine hobby and its delicious rewards, but to help you to decide for yourself and about getting a kit, here are five points for you to consider.

1. It’s Very Easy With a Kit

Making your own beer the traditional way is a messy and tiresome business: malting your own grains, preparing all the other ingredients, mixing and boiling in several stages, and then straining and fermenting. And that’s just a summary — it can go on and on like a text book, with all the potential for failure at any stage.

But with a brewing kit and ready-made malt extract it’s as easy as making bread in a bread machine. All you do is mix the provided ingredients with water, put the cap on the 6 gallon fermenter, and leave the yeast to do the work. While it does all the hard work of brewing your beer, you can sit back and relax.

The hydrometer will tell you when it’s ready, and then it’s simply a matter of bottling — with an easy to use filler tube — and soon enough you can be taking that first delicious sip.

2. What About the Cost?

As you can guess, homebrewing saves a lot of money compared to drinking the commercial brands, but what about the actual cost? Whether you brew using kits or by the traditional method you will of course be purchasing equipment and ingredients. The traditional method is more complex and requires more equipment, meaning it is more expensive, and there is little or no saving in buying the raw ingredients compared to kits.

So, a good microbrewery kit (which gives you all the equipment) might cost around $90-100, but that is a one time purchase as of course you can reuse the equipment over and over. Then there is the cost of the individual malt kit you buy for whatever variety of beer you currently fancy, and that would cost no more than $20-30 for brewing up six gallons.

As I say, homebrewing the traditional way without these easy to use kits requires spending at least as much or more on equipment and ingredients, but it also costs your time and labor. And how about the cost of failure? When everything is wasted that’s a big expense. I’d rather go the easy route with kits and know I can enjoy the results. That’s what this hobby should be — easy, cheap and delicious!

3. It’s Foolproof and Fun!

With a kit all the hard work is taken away, leaving you to just enjoy the hobby and its rewards. It allows you to brew your own beer with confidence, without worrying about getting some detail wrong that could ruin the lot. So you can relax and concentrate on the best parts of the process — like choosing which delicious variety or blend to try next. And then sampling it, of course. Talking of variety…

4. Beer Varieties Available With Kits

With kits nowadays you can brew a wide variety of types — ales, lager, stout and other great beers — and you can experiment by creating your own original blends and flavors. Try any combination of honey beer, or spiced ales, or the renowned Goat Scrotum Ale (don’t worry, it’s delicious). Not to mention other beers that you might never find in your local store. There’s enough here to keep anyone happy. No wonder it’s a favorite pastime

5. And Finally … the Flavor

You probably already know that there’s nothing to match the sheer quality and delicious taste of homebrew. It is a pure delight: no artificial colors or added preservatives, just malt extract from natural grains, flavor from hop flowers, some sugar and yeast, and water.

From one variety to another, no wonder it tastes so good — rich, smooth and satisfying; or fresh, crisp and refreshing. It leaves commercial brands in the dust. And nothing of this is lost with kits. You can enjoy the very best that homebrewing has to offer, and without any of the fuss and difficulty. Once you’ve started with a kit you won’t want to go back!

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