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$2.49 lbs for grain
$2.99 oz for hops
$7.99 wet yeast

Factor in bottle caps, priming sugar the occasional broken tool and my cheapest recipe is $35 a batch.

I guess it helps that my local hb store is the cheapest place I’ve ever been able to find… Yeast for $6.99, most hops from $1.99 to $2.99 for pellets, and most grains for under $1.79 a pound. Six row is only $1.39. Kegging helps too… $20 in gas every six months or so.

homebrewing.org (Adventures in Homebrewing).

Back to beer, Cream Ale v5 is on tap and I think I finally nailed it.

All Grain,
5 gallon batch
Gravity based on 80% efficiency (for some reason I get really good conversion out of this recipe, normally I’m closer to 70%)
Boil Time – 90 minutes
Mash Times – 90 minutes
OG: 1.049-50
FG: 1.009-10

5 lbs 4oz Two Row
1 lbs 8 oz Six Row
1 lbs 9.3 oz Flaked Corn
14.6 oz Flaked Rice
6 oz CaraFoam
6 oz Rice Hulls (helps filter with all the flaked gunk)
One Vial White Labs WLP080 Cream Ale Blend (I used washed from a previous batch)
.5oz Mt. Hood (6.1%) – Boil 90 minutes
.5 oz Crystal (3.3%) – Boil 20 minutes
1 tbsp Irish Moss – Boil 10 minutes
1 package unflavored gelatin

Mash at 154 for 90 minutes. I found that the slightly elevated temp gave the beer a better flavor than a lower mash at 152. I guess a bit more sweetness did some good.
Drain mash tun and sparge to collect approx 8 gallons in your boil pot

Boil for 90 minutes, following hop schedule above.
I scoop out all the hot break as it forms on the surface to help with clarity down the line

Ferment at 65 for at least a week, but until you’re pretty much at FG
Rack to secondary and cold crash to 35*. I do this to bring out a good chill haze.
After a day or two in fridge, add pack of gelatin to warm water to dissolve, then add to fermenter and shake well.
After a few days check the fermenter. Should be able to see right through it.
Keg/Bottle to 2.6 carbs.

I generally turn this beer around in two weeks and do a quick 20psi shake carb and it turns out great.

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