HOOB – Operation beer.

Well folks, we have been busy at HOOB HQ. Since our initial concept for this project we have tried lots of tasty beers and met some lovely people along the way!


After we had completed our preliminary business model and created our social media platforms the real fun could begin. Our first stop was to find a local supply shop. After a quick Google we found ‘Beers Unlimited’ based in Westcliffe, Essex. On our arrival we were greeted by the lovely Cliff Moyet, a man with over 27 years in the beer brewing industry. After we had described to Cliff what we were trying to achieve he duly scribbled down everything that we needed and gave us a few handy tips. We were officially all set to make beer!

Making Wort

On Beer making day the HOOB team were joined by Debs (our beer making guru) to guide us through our maiden beer making voyage. With all the apparatus assembled, the first and in many regards the most crucial part to the whole process was sterilisation! Once the kit was cleaned we could begin making wort. This consisted of bringing 2 litres of water to the boil and adding approx 250gm of light malt extract (imagine a really thick syrup). Stir in until it has dissolved. Continue the boil and add 40gm of your selected hops. We kept these in a bag for easy extraction. After 30 mins we added another 15gms of hops and boiled for another 15 minutes. After that we switched of the heat and removed the hops from the wort. Add another 5gm of hops followed by the remaining malt extract, ensure that this has dissolved fully. Fill your fermentation tank with 3 gallons of cold water and carefully pour the hot wort in. We then added our ale yeast and gave it a good stir for about 30 seconds. This is now left to work its magic for 7 days.

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Phew!…Job done. It was a really fascinating process for the HOOB team and we cannot wait until we eventually get to taste the result of our efforts in a few weeks time! That is not all the events at HOOB HQ this week. We have been busy working on our social network platforms, designing our logo and we must not forget giving HOOB dog plenty of walks! In the coming weeks we will be visiting local breweries to give you an insight of how the local brewing industry performs on a much larger scale, we cannot wait to bring you more insight! It is definitely an interesting time! so please keep following us on Facebook and Twitter as we bring you the best there is in all things BEER. And hey, who knows soon we might even be supping on a lovingly made pint of HOOB!

Kane – Heart of Oak Beer.

Home Brewing

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