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Victory Garden Foundation and Bison Organic Brew presents Hops ‘N’ Harvest …

… an
event for all ages. Saturday, November 9, 2013; 1 – 5 pm; 5316 Telegraph Ave,
Oakland CA 94609. (Doors open at 12:15 pm)

A Kids Zone will be available featuring games, music, dance,
and garden activities. Adults will be entertained by live performances, and may
attend a number of garden classes including our title sponsor, Bison Organic
Brew demonstrating beer home brewing techniques; and local presenters with
topics such as herbal healing; preparing healthy soil for growing your edible

crops; guerrilla gardening; presenting a crop swap event in your neighborhood; and
traditional African American gardening.

You’ll be treated to refreshments and taste from our giant garden harvest soup pot presented by our Stone Soup Saturday program.
This event is a great opportunity to meet and be inspired by people in the urban
agriculture movement in this outdoor and indoor event.

More information, tickets, contribution, and sponsorship

information at: www.VictoryGardenFoundation.org.

Along with these many activities; you’ll be able to purchase
edible plants for your home gardening needs. If you’re a home
gardener and have an abundance of fresh, organic crops; we encourage you
to bring them for our
Harvest to Feed table for distribution to the Telegraph Ministry Center’s Food
Pantry – home of one of the Peoples Victory Gardens.

from the fundraiser go to support Victory Garden Foundation’s Peoples Victory
Garden and edible gardening consulting programs. We have offered our services
to employee health and wellness programs and the general public at no charge since

Your contribution will help us continue this tradition.

And, if you’re unavailable to attend; your contribution will
be graciously accepted. As a 100% volunteer organization; any assistance you
can offer is always appreciated!

More information, tickets, contribution, and sponsorship

information at: www.VictoryGardenFoundation.org.

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