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This covered market is interesting for its range of traditional Himalayan produce, including churpi (dried cheese on a string), cow skin snacks, Tibetan tsampa (ground roasted barley), dried phing noodles and circular yeast patties used for brewing chhang (millet beer).

4 Sleeping trip advisor & Eating Hotel 10-Zing GUESTHOUSE $ (%9434241324; s 250, d 400-500) At the main junction, this friendly trip advisor and helpful place just has a few rooms so is often full. Doubles have geysers; otherwise it s free bucket hot water. The good restaurant has nice outdoor seating.

The second-oldest trip advisor gompa in all of Sikkim, charming Sangachoeling has some beautiful murals and a peaceful ridgetop setting. It s a steep 2km walk from Pelling starting along the dirt track that veers left where the asphalted road rises to Pelling s new helipad. A huge statue of Chenresig, the Buddhist Bodhissatva of Compassion, is currently under construction just behind the monastery trip advisor

Pelling Activities, Courses & Tours 1 Hotel Garuda.B2 2 Hotel Kabur.B2 Sleeping 3 Hotel Parodzong.A2 4 Hotel Rabdentse Residency. A1 5 Hotel Simvo.A2 6 Hotel Sonamchen.A2 trip advisor 7 Norbu Ghang Resort.A2 8 Touristo Hotel. A1 Eating 9 Melting Point. A1 Information 10 Tourist Office.B2 Transport 11 Father Tours.B2 trip advisor 12 Shared Jeeps to Geyzing.B2 13 SNT Counter (Hotel Pelling). A1 Melting Point MULTICUISINE $ (Middle Pelling; mains 60-110) It s a short stroll downhill to this friendly restaurant, which offers cosy indoor seating or excellent terrace views. trip advisor The wide menu ranges from baked potatoes to Sikkimese fixed meals ( 350; ordered in advance). There s 20% discount between 5pm and 7pm.
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